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The Power of Questions: Coaching Session on Custom Hair Extensions

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An Interview with Cheyenne Strametz

Check out this video interview with Cheyenne as we discuss how utilizing custom extensions can expand your business financially, grow your client base, and meet a wider variety of needs within hair thinning and loss. And remember, never stop asking questions!

In this video interview, you’ll learn:

  • How custom extensions can become an important tool for your hair thinning and loss business
  • The timeline for ordering and receiving a custom made hair piece
  • The difference in cost between a pre-custom and custom hair piece
  • How custom hair extensions can expand your business and your clientele
  • How to stay competitive in today’s hair loss market when it comes to professionalism, products and price
  • How payment plans can alleviate the burden of cost for your clients without having to lower the cost of your goods and services
  • The power of selling a design vs. selling a product

John Updike, an American novelist, poet and critic once said, “You cannot help but learn more as you take the world into your hands. Take it up reverently, for it is an old piece of clay, with millions of thumbprints on it.” I love this quote because it speaks to the truth that we are all learning each and every day while simultaneously teaching and molding those around us.

Why do I bring up the value of continually learning? Well, because even the experts ask questions! I recently received an amazing question from Cheyenne Strametz, one of our coaches at Hair Loss University, and it brought the biggest smile to my face. The fact that Cheyenne is still asking questions shows that she is still growing and striving to improve herself and her hair thinning & loss business. In this industry, you can never stop learning, and one of the easiest doors to learning is asking questions!

I’ve shared Cheyenne’s story with you before, but in case you are not familiar with it, I met Cheyenne about 2 years ago at the Hair+ Summit. Cheyenne is a master colorist based out of California, and over the last couple of years she has expanded her services to meet the needs of clients experiencing hair thinning and loss. Her expertise is continually expanding in her specific niche – extensions.

As her business and clientele continue to grow, she has discovered a need for extensions for curly hair. Up until this point, Cheyenne has had to turn clients away seeking curly extensions because the vendor she typically uses does not sell this type of product. Although this is not a very common request, I’m so glad Cheyenne brought it up. Is there a way to provide quality extensions for clients with curly hair? YES!

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Hair Color That Treats the Cuticle

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An Interview with Larry Fussell of Eslabondexx

In this video interview, you’ll learn:

  • Larry Fussell’s story
  • How he got into the business side of the beauty industry
  • The science behind Eslabondexx products that differentiate them from the rest
  • The benefits of the Eslabondexx conditioning cuticle treatments
  • How Eslabondexx products combine styling products and treatments to ensure clients follow through with at home treatments
  • How you can purchase this product as a salon professional

A real need when coloring Extensions, Hair Additions and Wigs

As I’ve said many times before, I don’t just recommend any product I find on the shelf. I’m picky about the products I use because I only want the best service and solutions for my clients, and the products we use as salon professionals play a huge role in the service we provide.

With that being said, today I’m going to introduce my friend Larry Fussell, an Eslabondexx distributor located in a small town near Atlanta, GA. I had the pleasure of connecting with Larry recently, and I loved hearing how his story with Nouvelle USA  began and where he is now – a true expert in beauty products. Although Nouvelle USA has many amazing products available for purchase, there is one line in particular that I can’t brag enough about – The Eslabondexx Color products!

All of the Eslabondexx Color products have a one-of-a-kind hair Protection System built right in. What does that mean? Well, your typical color products tend to leave hair dry, damaged, and fragile. With Eslabondexx, the color products strengthen, condition, and energize the hair as it colors. How do I know? My team and I personally tested these products. We experimented with over 30 hair pieces to see if this stuff really works. What did we find? This coloring and conditioning cuticle treatment is truly the best out there.

If you’d like to learn more about the secrets behind the Eslabondexx technology, click here to read about the Eslabondexx Color + Protection System on Larry Fussell’s website.

Before you even ask, let me address one of your first questions. How much does it cost? I understand that quality isn’t the only factor to consider when purchasing a product. Cost can’t be ignored. I have included a resource for you to show you exactly how Eslabondexx compares to other color brands. I don’t want to keep any secrets. Click here to view the Hair Color Cost Comparison chart.

Like I said earlier, I can’t say enough about these amazing products! Watch this video interview with Larry Fussell to learn more about his company, Nouvelle USA, his products, and the benefits you can share with your clients if you use Eslabondexx!

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Getting Started In The Hair Thinning and Loss Business

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Interview with Dr. Alan Bauman of HairCoach

In this video interview, you’ll learn:

  • Dr. Bauman’s background
  • Important first steps to getting started in the hair thinning and loss business
  • The basis and foundation of Dr. Bauman’s HairCoach certification program
  • The urgent need for prompt hair loss intervention
  • How you can get involved at

I recently had the opportunity to visit with my good friend Dr. Alan J. Bauman following the Hair+ Summit in Atlanta, GA. Dr. Bauman is a board-certified hair transplant surgeon who has a passion for serving those experiencing severe hair thinning and loss and training salon and medical professional to do the same. In the interview, I had a question for him. Almost every person I meet that’s interested in a career in the hair thinning and loss business asks the same question: Where do I start?

Dr. Bauman, founder of Bauman Medical in Boca Raton, FL, has served over 20,000 men and women using surgical and non-surgical hair restoration options. He is also the founder of the Bauman Certified HairCoach program, a program that is dedicated to training and empowering salon and medical professionals to care for clients experiencing hair loss. Dr. Bauman knows that he can’t tackle the epidemic of hair loss on his own, so he has developed this program to help salon professionals diversify the services they offer, increase the number of referrals they receive, and generate satisfied and loyal clients. This proven program provides knowledge and tools necessary to equip you to accurately and appropriately care for your clients experiencing hair thinning and loss.

Click here to learn more and sign up for Dr. Bauman’s HairCoach training program. 

Dr. Bauman is a proven leader in his field, so who better to ask our original question – Where do I start? In this video interview, Dr. Bauman describes the steps you can take to launch a successful career in the hair thinning and loss business.

Take a look at this video interview to understand the practical steps necessary to jumpstart your career.

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Back to Basics: Let’s Talk Tape

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In this video, I use my Walker Tape products and go back to the basics of adhesives, a foundational concept in technical skills. I describe different types of hair replacement tape and how each one is used properly. I also introduce suspended adhesives, a product that allows you to secure hair systems in a slightly different manner. I recommend you find a spot on your shelf for all of these products from Walker Tape! These adhesives are a must have for any hair replacement specialist!

Tape is one of those common household items that is really fascinating when you sit down to think about it. How is it made? What different kinds are there?

In the hair replacement industry we use tape all the time, but it’s not just any tape. 3M has designed specialty hair replacement tape and adhesives that are designed to safely adhere to the skin and scalp. When it comes to tape, putting it on is the easy part. Part of why this hair replacement tape is unique is it will stay put and secure for a long period of time but can also be removed without causing pain or damage to the scalp. Watch the video to learn more about both application and removal.

Now, you may be wondering, “Where do I get this tape?” Well, there is only one company I recommend when it comes to stocking and restocking your tape supply – Walker Tape. Founder, Brent Bonham, started this company with a spark of curiosity. After years of working in the hair replacement industry, Brent was seeking to find a better way to produce innovative products through building custom machinery. This curiosity led to creating. And this creating led to the formation of Walker Tape. After a time of producing products in his basement, Brent found the answers he was looking for, and now Walker Tape is the industry leader in tape and adhesive for hair replacement systems. As time has gone on, Brent’s grandson and current CEO, Shane Stott, has continued the tradition of developing innovative products to improve and support the hair replacement industry.

If you’d like to know more about Walker Tape and their amazing products, click here to visit their website.

Grades of Tape Used in Hair Replacement:

  • Red Liner – Acrylic
    • Not to be used on skin or scalp
  • White Liner – Non-Acrylic
    • Can be used on skin for long-term wear
  • Brown Liner – Cloth
    • Very strong, can be used on excessvely oily skin
  • Suspended adhesives – No Shine Tape, Matte Tape made by Performaxx


Want to see more product reviews?  Click here to read our Walker Tape Review

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No Compromise: The Secret to Boosting Your Business


Interview with Neil Ducoff of Strategies on No Compromise Leadership

In yesterday’s blog I introduced CEO and founder of Strategies, Neil Ducoff, and you got to hear his thoughts on Team Culture and the role systems and structure play in establishing a positive team-based work environment. In this follow-up interview, Neil expounds upon his theory of No Compromise Leadership.

As the leader of a salon, it’s easy to notice the issues and let them slide. You probably have a list of hard conversations stored in the back of your mind that you know should be addressed but are easier left untouched. Neil speaks to the danger letting problems sneak in and stay. Whether it’s a disgruntled employee or a misrepresentation of policies and procedures, Neil says, “It’s gotta get done – no compromise.” This mantra of “no compromise” was put into practice within Neil’s personal life and his business, Strategies, and soon became a no-excuse culture of consistency and productivity. Neil took this No Compromise Leadership idea and fleshed it out further in his book No-Compromise Leadership: A Higher Standard of Leadership Thinking and Behavior.

Watch this follow-up interview with Neil Ducoff to learn even more about how you can boost productivity, profitability, staff retention, communication and teamwork through his No Compromise leadership approach.

In this video interview, you’ll discover the following:

  • The importance of the “No Compromise” mentality
  • The story behind Neil’s book No-Compromise Leadership: A Higher Standard of
  • Leadership Thinking and Behavior
  • What “No Compromise” should look like in business
  • Four primary areas of your company that you should focus on, including Productivity,
  • Profitability, Staff Retention, and Customer Loyalty
  • How to shift your culture to a “No Compromise” mentality and business model

Related Resources:

Strategies Website:

Books by Neil Ducoff: Fast Forward – Salon and Spa Business Resource , No-Compromise Leadership: A Higher Standard of Leadership Thinking and Behavior , Wake Up!: Inspiring and Challenging Strategies on What it Takes to be a No-Compromise Leader 

Newest Resource from Neil Ducoff: Super-Charge Your Staff Meetings by Neil Ducoff

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Keys to Running a Successful Hair Thinning & Loss Business


Interview with Neil Ducoff of Strategies on Team Culture

I recently had the honor to sit down and speak with one of my friends and leaders in Business Education – Neil Ducoff. Neil is not only the founder and CEO of Strategies, a company founded to help salon businesses operate more efficiently and profitably, but he has also helped coach numerous salons on how to gain the absolute highest levels of success, profitability, and positive workplace morale.

The incredible team that Neil has built at Strategies has helped educate and train salons and spas, as well as general businesses, in countless ways, including increasing pre-booking rates, increasing staff productivity, teaching how to overcome cash-flow challenges, improving first-time and existing client-retention rates, and so much more!

Some of Strategies newest programs include their Internal Training Program 1.0 and Strategies Onlive Business Training

The Internal Training Program 1.0 is the perfect tool for salon owners to ensure that their staff is trained thoroughly and consistently in a manner that lends to excellent customer services and a high level of productivity. As you’ll see on Strategies’ website, consistency is everything when it comes to the salon business. The Internal Training Program 1.0 provides business owners with hours of trainings, workshops, courses, and coaching sessions that are designed to provide a solid foundation for staff training materials.

Another new product from the world of Strategies is their Onlive Business Training Program. Strategies Onlive offers monthly live workshops taught by their expert team of Certified Strategies Coaches…streamed right to your home or office. The goal of this professional membership program is to provide ongoing and engaging business training to salon owners and managers in a way that saves both TIME and MONEY. If you’re seeking to better understand the business side of the salon world, this is the program for you!

No matter which Strategies training program it is, the power of a positive Team Culture is going to be emphasized. Watch this video interview to hear what a true leader of leaders has to say about how important a Team Culture is in this business and what we can do to take it to the next level!

In this video interview, you’ll discover the following:

  • Neil’s background
  • The importance of Team Culture, Coaching, and Mentoring
  • Elements needed to build a good team culture – systems, structure, accountability, information flow, etc.
  • A team culture’s susceptibility to toxins – ego, indifference, etc. – and how to avoid them
  • What team-based pay can do for your team and business.

Related Resources:

Strategies Website:

Books by Neil Ducoff: Fast Forward – Salon and Spa Business Resource , No-Compromise Leadership: A Higher Standard of Leadership Thinking and Behavior , Wake Up!: Inspiring and Challenging Strategies on What it Takes to be a No-Compromise Leader 

Newest Resource from Neil Ducoff: Super-Charge Your Staff Meetings by Neil Ducoff

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Trichology: The “CPR” of Hair Loss


Interview with Emmanuel Paul, Trichology Specialist


Today I am excited to bring you an interview with Trichology Specialist Emmanuel Paul, in which we discuss the science of trichology.  Trichology is the study of the hair and scalp – and we all know that a healthy scalp is the basis for a healthy head of hair. Therefore, it’s important for you, a salon professional, to build a relationship with a center near you that specializes in trichology so you can provide holistic treatment for hair thinning and loss.

Hair thinning and loss causes many women and men to go down a painful path. It can lead to low self-esteem, lack of self-confidence, and social isolation. If your clients are experiencing hair thinning and loss, you’ve witnessed these detrimental feelings. Your clients have probably tried all of the tricks – like wearing hats, styling their hair in a particular way, using specialty shampoo to hide or prevent your hair thinning, but the results haven’t changed.

You may be unfamiliar with Cap Trichology; however it can be an important tool in preventing and reversing hair thinning and loss. This video interview illuminates the answers to many of the basic questions surrounding trichology including what it is and how his salon implements the study of trichology to serve clients experiencing hair thinning and loss. Emmanuel Paul, expert trichologist, presents on the exclusive ScalpCheck®, a four-step trichological analysis designed to help discover not only what each guest’s hair issues are, but also which treatments are best to put those issues behind them. Check out this video to get the inside scoop on trichology, the study of the hair and scalp, as I interview expert Trichologist, – and my son, Emmanuel Paul.

The soil is to the forest as the scalp is to the hair.

Quick Facts:

  • Trichology – the study of the hair and scalp
  • Exclusive ScalpCheck® exam identifies and analyzes stages of hair loss
  • Individualized solutions catered to the needs of each client
  • A combination of at home and in salon treatments

Click here to read more about ScalpCheck®

Get to know Trichology Specialist, Emmanuel Paul:

Emmanuel Paul started off on a track studying business and marketing at Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH but decided to follow in his father’s footsteps joining the hair thinning and loss industry. He studied to become a Certified Trichologist with Cesare Ragazzi Labs in Bologna, Italy and now works as a Trichology Specialist at Jeffrey Paul’s Hair & Scalp Specialists in Fairview Park, OH. He developed the Trichology Department at Jeffrey Paul’s Hair & Scalp Specialists that has grown to complement their successful hair replacement business. This team has paved the way for top of the line hair and scalp treatment in the Cleveland area and is now leading the US in trichology treatment.

Client Transformation – Meet Allison


Meet Allison.  Her journey with hair thinning and loss began in her early teens, and it wasn’t until her late 30’s until she found the right solution.  From the moment of her first consultation, she had hope that change was on the horizon.  A lack of self-esteem and confidence is no longer going to hold her back.  See the brightness of her smile as she describes the moment she saw herself wearing her beautiful new hair system in the mirror. 

One in four women will experience hair thinning and loss in their lifetime.  As a salon professional do you know how to help these clients? Helping clients with hair thinning and loss is the goal of Hair Loss University.  At HLU we strive to equip salon professionals with the knowledge and tools that they need to help these clients to cross the bridge from fear to acceptance, from hopelessness to hope.  Not only does HLU equip salon professionals to help clients, but we also provide the business and marketing fundamentals to help you to gain and maintain new clients, and to truly help them to make a life changing transformation.

Dr Reinardy Interview from Hair Loss Solutions.TV on Vimeo.

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Dr Reinardy Interview from Hair Loss Solutions.TV on Vimeo.

Taking Back Control from Trichotillomania


If your clients have ever felt like pulling their hair out, they are not alone. While this is a common figurative phrase, pulling their hair in a literal sense is very real, and it’s a common disorder that many people may not even realize exists.

What is Trichotillomania?

Trichotillomania, a neurobiological and behavioral disorder known as “Hair Pulling Disorder,” is the repetitive pulling out of one’s hair. According to the TLC Foundation, “Trichotillomania is one of a group of behaviors known as Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors (BFRBs), self-grooming behaviors in which individuals pull, pick, scrape, or bite their hair, skin, or nails, resulting in damage to the body.” Trichotillomania affects about 1 in 25 people, and the best way to manage this disorder and support others is to educate yourself. While many who experience these urges feel shame and embarrassment, it is essential to spread the message that they are not alone, and there is help out there.

In the video above, Clinical Psychologist Dr. Renae Reinardy discusses this common disorder, the variations of severity and the options for people suffering from this problem that are available.

Meet Dr. Renae Reinardy

Dr. Renae Reinardy currently runs a private practice in North Dakota, treating both adults and children with body focused behaviors and anxiety. Dr. Reinardy is the inventor and program developer of an online program and plush toy (Courage Critters) that helps children overcome childhood fears and unwanted behaviors. She has been featured on Good Morning America, the Joy Behar Show, Dateline NBC, and A&E’s Hoarders.

Facebook: Courage Critters
Website: The TLC Foundation (for Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors)
Website: Heart & Soul Academy
Book: Solutions to Women’s Hair Thinning and Loss (Professional Edition) by Jeffrey Paul

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Walker Tape Product Review


Easy Green Maximum Wear Tape

I’m very picky about the products I choose to recommend. When recommending a product or company, I look for these four things: Quality, Innovation, Education, and exceptional Customer Service.

Walker Tape has gone above and beyond with their newest product, Easy Green Maximum Wear Tape!

What makes this new Walker Easy Green Lace Front Tape different/innovative: It doesn’t shine, it doesn’t stretch; which makes it supportive and secure; it doesn’t release but it’s also an easy clean up. Because it’s so secure, it makes cutting in a breeze. The hair doesn’t move which makes it possible to do modern youthful hairstyles.  The Walker Tape brand checks all the boxes: quality, innovation, education, and customer service that is out of this world!

Easy Green – Maximum Wear Tape

  • Easy to work with
  • Holds for 2-4+ weeks
  • Easy to remove
  • Won’t harm delicate lace systems
  • Hypoallergenic

If you’d like to learn even more about different types of bonds and adhesive; check out this video from our archives.
Professional Technical Tips: Types of Bonds & Adhesives